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An Overview of CEED

University of Western Australia

CEED (Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development) is a formal program designed to link the abilities and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students with research and development needs of progressive organisations within the wider community. The CEED program at UWA gives access to any discipline within the University

CEED joint research projects include a period of full time work on the project at the client's site at some stage during the project, as well as the normal time invested on campus.

CEED clients determine the topics, which are set up as extended undergraduate or postgraduate projects. Though seldom required, project content can be adapted to increase in academic demands to ensure high grade students can demonstrate their academic ability. Clients provide resources particular to their project, and contribute a fixed sum as their share of other costs.

Purpose of CEED projects

The CEED program is designed to maximise benefits to all parties. For example

Business and government organisations can:

  • improve performance and profitability through progress on selected topics;
  • share costs on research projects and profit from government tax incentives;
  • gain access to University expertise and equipment;
  • assess and pre-train high grade employees before they complete their course;
  • improve links with the University for other research and interaction.

Students can:

  • gain valuable work experience before graduation and enhance employment prospects;
  • receive a studentship to assist them financially through their course;
  • work on a topic with immediate application in the wider community;
  • extend the productivity of their projects by working over a longer period.

The University can:

  • enhance education by providing students with a practical activity of significant duration;
  • broaden the experience and external contexts of academic supervisors;
  • work closer with, and obtain feedback from, employers of graduates;
  • increase links with other organisations, with likely future interaction.

For the latest updates on CEED Projects follow us on twitter @CEED_UWA

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