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Application Submission

Application Submission


CEED Project Application
Please submit one form per Project

(1-a) Project Title
(1-b) Project Reference Number


Personal Details

(2-a) Student Surname
(2-b) Given Names
(2-c) Student Number
(2-d) Home Phone
(2-e) Mobile Number
(2-f) Email
(2-g) Contact Address



(3-a) How many projects are you applying for
(3-b) List projects in your order of Preference (most preferred - least preferred)


Client Questions
Please indicate Yes or No for the questions below.

(4-a) I intend to enroll in an Honours/Final Year/Masters/PhD project next year if offered:
(4-b) I am a Citizen/Permanent Resident of Australia:
(4-c) I have access to private transport:
(4-d) Question (4-d)
Do you already have vacation work organised?



(5-a) I recognise that, in the event of my being selected, carrying out this project:
a. will involve me in project work at the CEED Clien't site from time to time, including a minimum period of 8 weeks during the summer vacation for "full" projects, normally with no remuneration other than the CEED studentship;
(5-b) b. entitles me to a CEED studentship, with no obligation after the end of the project, subject to my comlying with the responsibilities outlined below;
(5-c) c. requires my acceptance of the terms agreed between UWA and the CEED Client for confidentiality and ownership of intellectual property;
(5-d) and I understand that I will be responsible for:
d. attending the CEED induction program, and completing a CEED Project Brief;
(5-e) e. complying with requirements for monthly reports, deliverables, and a CEED seminar paper and presentation;
(5-f) f. complying with all safety regulations of the CEED Partner when on their premises;
(5-g) g. conducting myself in a responsible manner in all dealings with the CEED Partner.


Please attach the following items with this form:

(6-a) A copy of your CV

(6-b) A scanned copy of your current Academic Transcript
Please note, your application will not be considered unless a copy of your LATEST Statement of Academic Record is attached.

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