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Are CEED Projects Best Value?

Can you do better than CEED?

Student presentation You may be wondering whether “free” alternatives arranged informally deliver better value than CEED? Unless you have extraordinarily low internal operating costs, are already closely linked with the required University departments, and are conversant with the constraints in a University environment, then the “free” informal option could prove to be a false economy.

We believe CEED greatly improves the productivity of your research projects while reducing the burden on your staff. When you add this to fee structures designed to give you maximum value for each dollar, and the peace of mind you gain through CEED, you are unlikely to do better.

For example, the fee for a 12-16 month Honours level CEED project is $18,000 (GST excl), which includes a tax-free studentship of $10,000. Assuming realistic overheads of 40%, and a student tax rate of 30%, the real cost of matching the studentship alone would be $10,920.

When you include the saving from reduced time demands on your staff, and the improved productivity, CEED gives you even more research per dollar than its informal equivalent, while ensuring you retain control on the direction of research.

What CEED Provides

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