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What do CEED Projects Cost?

Basic Fees for CEED Projects

  •         Fees include University resources normally made available to students at the relevant level.

  •         The tax-free studentship listed below. The basic studentship may be increased to enhance student interest in the client’s project, with correspondingly increased fees.

  •          The studentship includes the standard 8 weeks site work undertaken as part of the project.

  •          For many projects, the CEED project fees will be all-inclusive. If the project demands extra resources, or travel by the student beyond the metropolitan area, the special requirements would be agreed in writing and charged as extra.

  •          The basic fees apply to our standard terms for shared ownership of intellectual property (IP). If the client requires full ownership of IP, a 35% surcharge on the basic project fee is payable, and the studentship will be raised by 35%.

  •          CEED students are not employees of the client, even during time spent working at the client’s premises

     Project Level
    (Student Study Level)
    Basic Fee
    (excl GST)
    Studentship (included)
    Full Final Year/Honours
    14-16 Months
    $18,000 per Project


      Three Quarter
      9 Months
      $13,500 per Project


      Masters (Coursework)
      14-16 Months
      $18,000 per Project
      Masters GSM - 1 Trimester
      5 Months
      $9,000 per Project
      Masters GSM - 2 Trimesters
      10 Months
      $18,000 per Project
      Masters (Research)
      24 Months
      $18,000 per Year
      45 Months
      $45,000 per Year

      Projects with Masters by Research and PhD students

        • The studentships quoted for PhD students are intended to fully support a PhD student, and match the standard full Commonwealth or University  scholarship. To enhance recruiting, clients may offer enhanced studentships - in such cases, the annual fee would be increased by the amount of the additional studentship support offered.

        • CEED studentships quoted for  Masters - Research levels are intended to “top-up” Commonwealth or University scholarships. Students without a scholarship or other financial support may require an increased studentship.

        • Government funding is often available for collaborative projects. We can help you investigate this to multiply the value obtainable from your investment.

        • Postgraduate research projects can take longer than the nominal time indicated above as they have no predetermined duration. For your security, your initial commitment is limited to the period quoted above. If your project proves to need longer, you may require students to demonstrate satisfactory progress before you extend your involvement.

      Proposing CEED Projects
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