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Proposing CEED Projects

Getting Started With CEEDGenerators

  • Short list possible topics which would be profitable to you (or ask us for ideas)
  • Double-check possibilities for multi-discipline projects (easily handled with CEED)
  • Discuss your ideas with us to establish which offer the best overall prospects
  • Appoint a person in your organisation to be project contact and "Mentor"
  • Obtain from the CEED Office or download a Project proposal form.
    showing what information is needed
  • Post or fax us your signed Project Proposal and your project is ready to get started

What goals are best?

  • Aim to have primary and secondary goals which both benefit you
  • Check for topics which will gain you government research tax concessions*
  • Seek flexibility in case your goals are attained too quickly or prove impractical
  • If you need longer term research, you can continue your projects in consecutive years

What constraints apply?

  • Goals need to be achievable by students within the time scale for student projects at the relevant level
  • Commercial deadlines must be avoided as they can lead to disappointment, because students have other study demands
  • Projects must require intellectual rigour so students can demonstrate their capabilities
  • Topics possibly needing extra academic demands should allow inclusion of extra material

** Government tax concessions for research depend upon the project topic. Please consult your tax advisor.

Structure of CEED Projects

Student Selection

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