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What CEED Provides

High quality, low cost research option

  • CEED provides simple access to research capabilities of all University schools
  • Projects directly link supervised student research work to your needs
CEED contributes at every stage, from helping you determine the most appropriate topics, to ensuring research outcomes are presented to you in the most useful form. Our service includes:
  • Finding and appointing the most suitable academic supervisors
  • Advertising projects and, in conjunction with you, appointing students
  • Student training to maximise productivity while minimising demands on your personnel
  • Oversight throughout your project to make sure you gain maximum benefit
  • Formalised insurance and indemnity arrangements for students working on multiple sites
  • Intellectual Property and confidentiality issues agreed with all affected University departments
  • Simple, but effective, formal agreements address the necessary legal issues
  • Special manuals provide your staff with invaluable information for effective projects
  • Structured reporting and other procedures to ensure you remain connected with your projects
  • Formally extended project duration at Honours level, greatly increasing productivity
  • Easier access to research tax benefits, particularly if you have a limited research budget
  • CEED staff available to help avoid or resolve issues that may impede your projects

What Do CEED Projects Cost?

Proposing CEED Projects

Structure of CEED Projects

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