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Structure of CEED Projects

At Honours level, CEED projects are extended to between 12-16 months. At other levels, they are of normal duration. All CEED projects have a requirement for students to spend one or more periods working full-time on their project at the CEED Student researching Client’s premises.

Start-up stage

In the first project weeks, students need one or more meetings with you and their Supervisors to agree on the "Project Brief" and to prepare for the site work period to ensure it is effective.

Site work period

PendulumStudents work on their projects at your premises for a pre-determined period of time during their project. They are not your employees during this period, so university insurance arrangements apply. Longer site periods, and split periods, are permitted where mutually acceptable.

Honours year (2 semesters)

Students at Honours level continue their CEED project throughout their Honours year. Time available varies with different courses of study, but about 10 hours per week may be regarded as typical. The latter part of the final semester is occupied with writing up theses and any special project reports. You receive one or more copies of the thesis or other project report as agreed in the Project Brief.

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