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Why Use CEED?

As no organization can afford to be left behind, R&D is not a luxury it is a necessity. Whilst R&D can be expensive, this is not the case with CEED because:

  • Costs are shared with UWA, giving significant leverage
  • There are firm time-limits to constrain the risk of overruns
  • There is a tried and tested system which generates confidence in there being a useful output

There are many pluses for clients, including:

  • Powerful teams are easily set up
  • Students offer fresh uninhibited approaches
  • Industry wins because internal research is expensive
  • UWA wins because we need the industry links
  • Student wins with invaluable experience
  • CEED processes really do make it easier
  • Corporate stress in harnessing research is reduced
  • Time demands are minimised
  • Pitfalls with Intellectual Property protection and insurance are avoided
  • CEED training improves productivity
  • Overall quality control umbrella

Are CEED Projects Best Value?

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