Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED)

CEED Forms & Templates

For Clients

Project Proposal Form - to be used when proposing a CEED project.

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For Students

Applying For CEED Projects

Project Application form

Project Application Ranking Form

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Undertaking CEED Projects

Once you have been selected to do a CEED project, you must sign a Student Undertaking/Student Acceptance Form. Below is a sample of the Student Undertaking -- please read it before coming into the CEED office to sign.

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Pro-forma Project Brief. Please fill in all sections.  
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Progress report form: Please use this for your monthly reporting. Emailing the form to CEED is fine.  Please remember to copy your UWA supervisor and client mentor.
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Seminar Paper Template: Please use this when writing your Seminar paper. 

It is important that you keep to the styles used in the document.  Margins are set to "mirror margins" which means the margins willl not line up on the screen.  Do not add tabs to the margins!

2016 Seminar Paper Template

2016 Seminar Paper and Presentation Guideline

Authorisation To Publish

Please use this form to obtain authorisation from your client organisation (via your mentor) to publish your seminar dinner paper in the CEED Seminar Proceedings. Please make sure you allow time for your mentor to read your paper and approve it. Do NOT leave it to the last possible moment! Hand this form in when you hand in your final paper.

2016 Authorisation to Publish in CEED Proceedings Form

Project Recoverable Expenses Form

Students: Please give your school accounts officer a completed copy of this form with other documentation when requesting project expenditure to be recovered from the CEED Office.

School Accounts Officer: Please do not process this form without written approval by the CEED client. Please contact us if you have any queries.

2017 CEED Project Expenses Authorisation Form

Thesis Marker Confidentiality Form (if needed)

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