Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED)

Information for Staff

What Are CEED Projects?

CEED is a pro-active program to link Honours and Postgraduate student projects with outside organisations for the benefit of all parties. We have had more than 300 CEED projects since 1989 in a range of disciplines. While projects at postgraduate levels have a flexible format, those for Honours students normally have the following features:

  • projects cover 3 semesters, starting 2nd semester of 3rd year, and become Honours projects.
  • CEED Industry partners propose topics to meet their needs, and contribute to the projects;
  • partners provide a studentship totalling $10,000 (for Honours students doing 2015 projects and onwards) over the 3 semesters;
  • students spend 8 weeks at the partner’s site working on their projects during summer;
  • CEED partners contribute to materials and rigs, but do not pay for use of equipment and resources normally made available for Honours;
  • academic supervision is similar to regular Honours projects. Partners add guidance via “mentors”.

Frequently Asked Questions About CEED*

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