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Why a CEED Project?


A CEED project at Final Year or Honours level gives you experience before you graduate and offers you the opportunity to:

  • focus your Final Year or Honours project work on meeting real needs of outside organisations;
  • receive a tax free studentship totalling $10,000 over the full project (for 2015 projects and onwards);
  • work on your project for 8 weeks over the summer at the CEED Partner's site;
  • improve your "employability" by gaining professional experience before graduation.

What are your commitments with CEED? (Undergraduate level)

CEED projects require some commitments on your part. If you apply for a CEED project, you agree to:

  • undertake Final year or an Honours year if offered (no obligation if you are not offered the chance to do Honours);
  • attend the CEED Student Training Workshop;
  • work on your project at the CEED Client's premises for 8 weeks during summer (the studentship is the only payment);
  • report briefly on progress each month, and meet the CEED Partner's other reporting needs;
  • present the CEED Partner with a formal report at the end of the project.

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